Prayer is the soul's breathing itself into the bosom of its Heavenly Father - Thomas Watson
Keep in touch and stay organized by creating prayer groups!

Private - Make private prayer groups for your family, friends, church, school, or whatever special association you desire. Only those friends you approve will be allowed to join your group.

Public - Public prayer groups can be formed for less personal needs such as our churches, schools, or remembering our national needs. Anyone can join and pray for the needs of a public group.

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Prayer Partners provides an environment that helps to spur each other on to prayer. Choose what group you desire and enter your requests!

Answer - the answer icon lets you note when a prayer of yours has been answered.

Commitment - click the commit icon to let the requester know that you are remembering them in prayer.

Encouragement - encourage those who have needs by leaving a comment at their prayer request.

Private Messaging - send a fellow prayer partner a private message

Save to list - save any prayer request from your groups to any list you have created.

Customize lists to remember the needs that are near to your heart!

Any number of lists can be formed to help organize your prayer life. Just click "save" on a request and it will go straight into the list of your choosing. Once your list is formed you can print it or have it instantly sent by email to your inbox.

Encourage prayer by adding a prayer request page to your church or organization's web site. Learn more.